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I am the Lord of Beleriand

and all who seek to dwell there shall hear my word.

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Name:Elu Thingol | Elwë | Singollo

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aman, aranel, aranrúth, arda, beleriand, beren, camlost, dior, dior the fair, doriath, doriathrin, dwarves, elu, eluchíl, elves, elwë, erchamion, finwë, forests, grey elves, ingwë, king greymantle, lúthien tinúviel, maia, maiar, melian, melian's girdle, middle earth, nauglamír, olwë, silmaril, sindar, sindarin, singollo, the hidden king, thingol, túrin turambar, vala, valar, valinor
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