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their eyes beheld first of all things the stars of heaven


NAME: Thingol | Elwë | Elu | Singollo | King Greymantle | The Hidden King
AGE: Between 4,315 and 4,813.
NATIONALITY: Elf of Aman/Valinor.
RACE: Elven
OCCUPATION: Undecided.
TITLE/RANK: King of Doriath, Lord of Beleriand / Undecided
HEIGHT: 6'8"
BUILD: Slender but strong. Elves do not need excess muscles on Arda.
HAIR: Pure silver, thick and it falls to his lower back.
EYES: The blue of a summer sky.
SKIN: Pale and unblemished.
BEARING: Absolutely noble - maybe even cocky - but not purposefully so. He can be very kind and he has no trouble aiding those who ask for his help.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: His height - even though it is diminished for the game - and his hair (silver is rare even amongst Arda Elves). He also has a liking for wearing rings, necklaces and, of course, his crown (which oftentimes is composed of twigs/berries/flowers).

He has, more or less, allied himself with the Inquisition while keeping an eye on the doings of the Elves (both of Arda and not). His activity can be found here.


For now, it is probably obvious that he is one of the Arda Elves (like Thranduil and Galadriel) and that he is rather noble (read: arrogant) in his bearing. Once he warms up to others, that second part will likely diminish.


He is a born leader and he likes protecting those who come under his wing. I would love for him to make allies/friends or maybe even familial bonds with those around him.


"His epessë (honorary name) was Thingol (thind "grey" and coll "mantle") which means "Greycloak".

Quenya tradition names him Elwë and Singollo, for the Noldor pronounced his epessë as Singollo (pron. [siŋˈɡolːo]).

His first name, Elwë, means "star-man" and contains el and -we.

Elwë Þindicollo (Q, pron. [ˈelwe ˌθindiˈkolːo]) or Sindicollo (pron. [ˌsindiˈkolːo]) was the ancient name of King Thingol; when he settled in Doriath with Melian, he took the Sindarin form of his name, Elu Thingol."

Approval & Gifts

+ Humble kindness.
+ Courage.
+ Empathy for others (most especially plants/animals).
+ Talent.
+ A sharp mind.
- Cockiness.
- Rash action.
- Rude words/demeanor.
- Cruelty.
- DwarvesDarkness/Shadow.

Jewels, art, fine cloth/clothes, fine food, weaponry of some (or much) renown, books, song, flowers, animals and so forth. Thingol tends to hoard items and people he shows any interest towards, beware!

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How am I doing? All comments are screened and I will give you an answer ASAP. IP tracking is disabled and Anon will never be enabled.
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IC Contact

"Speak and the Lord of Beleriand shall listen. I will return your message in good time"
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Always and forever~ Life is hectic and I do not mind continuing old threads (unless they are so old that they are no longer applicable to current happenings/occurrences).
Fine by me as long as I am not receiving a ton of notifications that have nothing to do with Thingol.
Comments in the Subject Line
If it's needed, fine. Otherwise I feel like it clutters things.
Fourth Wall Breakage
Go ahead. Thingol will think you're mad.
Offensive Topics
He is from the Silmarillion. Battle, torture and the like are well-known to him. If I, for some reason, become detailed with blood and gore, I will label it.
Anything Else?
I can be reached on Plurk at [ profile] tiger_eyes.
If the hug is given affectionately, he will never turn away from it, though it will surprise him. Elven Kings are not often embraced!
He will likely respond the same. Can anyone truly reach his face/lips? While he is a happily married Elf, he would not be offended by an innocent or not so innocent kiss if it was given in good spirit.
Flirtations are rather amusing for him. He would consider it a game.
He is ready for any enemy that comes his way. Aranrúth (King's Ire) is his sword and he is confident he will be victorious each time he wields it.
We can discuss it.
He is one of the first Elves, so do not expect his mind to be easy to penetrate. Even if one manages to, he might be alerted to their presence.
He does not mind it as long as it isn't ill magic (i.e. the sort the Enemy wields).
The death of children (since he lost his own daughter), the ransacking of a village/kingdom and cruelty in general. Thingol has many reasons to despise war/battle, but the effects of such are what hurt him the most.
Anything Else?
Please show him to the forest where he can foster animals and build a safe haven for his allies/friends! That will be his initial goal.
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Open RP:

All ideas/characters/plots welcome! If you have questions, feel free to PM me or Plurk me at [ profile] tiger_eyes.